Holley is pleased to announce their Gen III Hemi Swap systems for ’66-’72 B-Body Mopars, a comprehensive platform approach providing maximum component clearance, ideal drivetrain geometry, and room for our Hooker BlackHeart swap headers and three-inch exhaust system. Hooker BlackHeart engineers went through all the headaches to relieve any you might experience in the garage, creating a complete system with motor mounts, transmission cross member, headers, and an exhaust system. All work together for a clean fit and easy installation. Read on below to learn more about them, and check them out here.

Gen III B-Body Engine Swap Mounting Brackets:

Hooker Blackheart engine swap mounts allow easy installation of the Gen III Hemi engine in your 1966-72 Mopar B-Body. These engine-mounting brackets are part of an engineered solution that works together with the transmission crossmember and headers to optimize the engine placement & component clearances along with ideal drivetrain / U-joint operation angles. The engine placement eliminates modifications to the firewall and the engine mount brackets fit the K-member on cars that originally came from the factory with a V8. Clearance was provided for the use of Short Runner Valve intake solenoids (SRV), low mount alternator, and low mount A/C Compressors when used with a VVT (Variable Valve Timing) accessory drive.

Hooker BlackHeart Transmission Crossmembers & Adapter Plates:

Hooker Blackheart transmission crossmember is part of the most comprehensive line of GEN III Hemi Swap components available for the Mopar B-Body. The BHS532 Crossmember allows the installation of the popular A727 3-speed, NAG1 5-Speed, and 8HP70 8-speed automatic transmissions when used with the corresponding adapter plate (sold separately). No cutting or drilling is necessary; just bolt it in the OEM location using the supplied hardware. The modular design allows the use of several different transmission options without the need to buy or fabricate a different crossmember (simply change to a different adapter plate and the driveline and u-joint alignment have been preset to the corresponding transmission). BHS532 crossmembers are designed to use a popular and inexpensive GM style transmission mount for its compact design that allows for better ground clearance than the OEM crossmember (Hooker part number 71223029HKR or 71223030HKR – sold separately). Solid 3/16″ steel construction and black coated finish provide long-lasting performance and good looks.

1966-1972 Mopar B-Body Gen III Hemi Swap Long Tube Headers:

Hooker BlackHeart headers are part of a comprehensive Gen III Hemi swap system that works in combination with engine mounts, transmission crossmember, and exhaust systems. BH2358 headers are packed with value-added features that will make your 1966 -1972 Mopar B-Body Hemi swap easier than ever. With BH2358 headers you can use popular transmissions with either left or right-hand starters (starter can be installed without removing the headers), and they clear the bulky factory power steering box with no modifications. Installing low mount A/C compressor will require the use of a VVT (variable valve timing) front-drive system (2009 & Up VVT accessory drive front cover). BHS2358 headers are designed for a simple installation that provides the most ground clearance possible and clears the popular torsion bar front suspension. The 304 stainless steel hand-welded construction looks great and will last a lifetime.

1966-1970 Mopar B-Body Gen III Hemi Swap Exhaust:

Finish off your HEMI Swap project with the finest exhaust system available for your 1966-1970 Mopar B-Body. Available in either 2.5” or 3” diameter, straight through 304 Stainless steel zero restriction mufflers and 304 stainless steel mandrel-bent exhaust tubing. Specifically designed for HEMI swap vehicles and a direct fit to BH2358 Long Tube Headers. The removable head pipes allow the first 24” of the exhaust pipe to be removed in seconds with slip couplers allowing the transmission to be removed without dropping the entire exhaust. High tuck design for best possible ground clearance for lowered cars and OEM style turn down tailpipes for a factory look.

These products join an already robust line of products designed to make your Gen III Hemi swap an easy affair. See them all here!