Sometimes the best coolest cars are the ones that never existed at all! Whether it’s a concept car or a vehicle design that is way ahead of its time. Regardless, at this year’s inaugural Moparty, you can expect to see a car that has a similar story. Tim Wellborn, owner of Wellborn Musclecar Musuem is attending the inaugural year of MoParty along with his “Paint Chip Cuda”, a ’70 Cuda that only lived in the world of Mopar advertising until Wellborn devised a plan to build the real thing!

Automotive journalist Al Rogers penned and shot a Hot Rod story that outlines how the Cuda lifted off the OE Rapid Transit Brochure and into real life. Check it out here and make sure to mark your calendar for September 18-20, 2020 so you don’t miss seeing the Paint Chip Cuda in person!