Good news keeps on happening for MoParty fans!

We’re excited to announce that Larry Weiner, the project leader for GSS SUPERCARS, will be in attendance at the inaugural event. Larry has been creating award-winning show cars and race cars for over 40 years both as an enthusiast and as an industry professional. After a successful career in the textile maintenance industry in Chicago that spanned over 25 years, he decided to follow his dream, and in the early 1990’s he started what became Performance West Group, Inc. Since then, Larry has worked with many well-known automotive personalities, like Mr. Norm, who will also be in attendance, and popular nostalgic brands like Hust and Flowmaster!

He and nine other GSS Supercars will be on hand at MoParty for you to feast your eyes upon, like John Skopos’ 2015 Hurst Heritage by GSS Challenger, and James Alaimo’s 2018 Hurst Heritage by GSS Chrysler 300H.

Learn more about Larry’s history building performance Mopars on the GSS Supercars website! We’ll see you in September!