Dylan McCool is no stranger to Mopars. In fact, he’s grown up around them, and if you’ve watched any of his content on YouTube, that much is clear! His knowledge of Mopars is impressive, which is part of the enjoyment factor of watching the younger enthusiast work on rescuing and restoring vehicles that are decades older than himself on camera!

Recently his time has centered around the 1973 Challenger you see pictured here. Yes, that Gen III Hemi on the left is going to find a home inside the car and Dylan has plans to have it ready to attend MoParty. We’re looking forward to seeing it in person and hearing it run, as it will be powered by our own Holley Terminator X EFI system and some other Holley brand items to boot!

“I’m looking forward to sharing the car with everyone at the inaugural MoParty!” McCool commented. “From what I hear some of the best Mopars in the country will be present, making it the perfect place to bring out the ’73 Challenger Hemi swap project. See you in September!”

So mark your calendars for MoParty and come see Dylan and his ride in person. In the meantime, check out his YouTube channel to get your fill of Mopar-related content. We’ve embedded a link to the first video of his Challenger rescue series below for convenience.