The inaugural Holley MoParty is set to be a blast, and the Holley gearheads are pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone has a great time! The name of the game here is Mopar fun folks, and if you’ve been following along with recent event updates, you already know that folks are bringing out some of the coolest Mopars to Beech Bend Raceway for this event.

As any Mopar enthusiasts would likely know, the Dodge Daytona began life as a Charger 500, and 2020 just so happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Charger nameplate! That said, we’re excited to announce that the documented first Charger 500 ever produced in its original non-restored factory condition is headed to MoParty this September. To see both the K&K Daytona and this original Charger 500 in the same venue will be a really unique experience for fans of both cars.

We look forward to MoParty fans being able to check this car out in person. For more information about the car, check out the article Al Rogers wrote for Hot Rod Magazine wrote on the car.