Holley is excited to announce their partnership with Mel Major to bring several Mopar Survivor cars to their 2022 Holley MoParty event.

Mopar Survivors are a group of unrestored Mopars and their owners who gather at events around the country like the Chrysler Carlisle Nationals to showcase their vehicles for the enjoyment of enthusiasts. These cars would not be competitive in a regular show field due to their factory imperfections,/error’s, so in order to keep the tradition of original cars going, the Mopar Survivors, including Mel Major’s own 1970 ‘Cuda, all banded together and have been showing their cars for going on 26 years, quite an accomplishment considering this is an ongoing hobby of Mel’s and not a full-time gig.

What makes for a Mopar Survivor? For cars to be eligible for inclusion, vehicles must be 85% original exterior paint, interior, and drivetrain. The purpose of Mopar Survivors is to get these cars out, enjoy them and display them for others to appreciate. They offer a great opportunity for folks that are restoring vehicles to come and see a Survivor to use as a “base “ reference for their Mopar build..

It’s mind warping to wonder how these cars have survived in the present condition, yet survive they have. Mel goes to great lengths to put together a short story and bio of each vehicle and it’s owner(s) to share a short story on how each vehicle has survived in its present condition for all these decades.

We look forward to welcoming Mel and the 8-10 Mopar Survivor owners and their vehicles to Bowling Green for the 3rd annual Holley MoParty. Mark your calendars and make sure to come out and enjoy them along with the rest of the planned activities this September 16-18th, 2022.

The only question that remains is what and how many Mopar Survivors can you expect to see? Stay tuned to our MoParty Facebook and Instagram pages to get a sneak peek of the rides that Mel has curated for the event.

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Click here for a recent video of Mel and the Mopar Survivors from Carlisle!