Heads up MoPartiers! Registration for Holley’s 4th annual MoParty launches into action today! The event is scheduled to take place September 15-17, 2023 at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

The wait is over and you can register to lock in a spot for you and your ride’s favorite segment!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to on the Mopar side of the house since last year. Read on to find out!

Our event team and the folks at NMCA are pleased to continue offering a host of high-octane drag race classes catering to both old and new Mopars.

MoParty kicks off with what is one of the fastest growing swap meets in the Mopar world. Geoff McBryde is a well-known entity in the Mopar community and we’re pleased to have him join us again for this aspect of the event. Whether you’re hiding $$$ from the wife to find that perfect OE part to finish off your restoration or you’re the one doing the selling, you won’t want to miss our MoParty Swap Meet. Find out more information here.

Grand Champion,  Autocross & 3S Challenge competition are always a hoot to watch as competitors wheel their big bodied Detroit muscle around the cones for the lowest elapsed time.

The Off-Road Experience is perfect for those who want to see what off-road Mopars like Rams, Jeeps, and TRXs are capable of when they depart the asphalt and blaze their own trail off the beaten path. We’ve got a trophy truck inspired short course as well as an obstacle course designed to put off-road vehicles through their paces and test the mettle of those behind the wheel. This year we’re updating several aspects of the off-road experience and look forward to sharing more details on that as they become available. Find out more about this segment here.

MoParty may have a ton of driving action going on, but the show would be remiss if not for our stellar car show. We are rounding up an awesome panel of celebrities and industry professionals to help us select the coolest Mopar powered rides at the event!  Get up to date with all of the car show classes they’ll be picking winners for here!

Other motorsport activities are scheduled for those that are bringing the entire family.

  • Since the invention of the wheel and the engines that turn them, mankind has been utterly fascinated with the burnout. We do our best to pay proper homage to that rite of passage for gearheads at Moparty with our Burnout Contest. Only registered MoParty participants may participate. Click here to find out how you could have a chance to show fellow Mopar enthusiasts how capable you and your ride are at converting rubber into copious amounts of tire smoke!
  • We’re excited to announce that Jamie Smith and his crew will be returning to bring all sorts of General Lee shenanigans back to the MoParty oval. If you’ve never seen a General Lee Jump in real life, mark your calendars for mid-September as that is one opportunity you won’t want to miss.  Learn more here!
  • Dodge Thrill Rides are always a great way to your adrenaline flowing and they will be kicking it with us sideways Friday & Saturday once again. Make sure to follow the schedule (coming soon) in order to know when and where to be to hop in one of their supercharged Hellcats or Redeyes!
  •  One of the best parts about launching MoParty registration early is that we can start promoting our Mullet Contest earlier as well. Get a head start on growing out your Kentucky Waterfall or Beaver Paddles growing. Find out more details on this family friendly contest here!

For those who are keen on spectating, those tickets can be purchased here.

All of the above action and more are coming at you this September, so act know and make plans to attend. Let’s all do our part to further our automotive community and help grow MoParty into THE place for vintage and late model Mopar motorsport and car culture!