You may have thought all the chaos ended in an explosive fireball at the end of the cult classic movie Vanishing Point, but Kowalski’s 1970 Challenger R/T lives on today!

As if you didn’t already have several reasons to attend Holley’s fourth annual MoParty, Holley’ is pleased to announce that a restored Alpine White 1970 Challenger R/T Vanishing Point movie car will be on display at the Bowling Green, KY event and adds to the growing list of famous cars that have attended the event since its inception.

The coveted movie car is now privately owned and spends its time on display at the Wellborn Musclecar Musuem in Alexander City, just south of Talladega. Thankfully MoPartiers will be able to enjoy seeing it in person against the beautiful backdrop of Beech Bend Raceway along with the rest of the exciting action to take place including drag racing, autocross, Dodge Thrill Rides, a large all- Mopar car show & more!

If you haven’t already marked your calendars for Holley’s MoParty, head on over to and get your tickets today.

Come September, you’ll want to “tighten your seat belt. You never had a trip like this before!”