• Mopar Survivors Headed to Holley MoParty In 2022

    Mopar Survivors Headed to Holley MoParty In 2022

    Holley is excited to announce their partnership with Mel Major to bring several Mopar Survivor cars to their 2022 Holley MoParty event.

    Mopar Survivors are a group of unrestored Mopars and their owners who gather at events around the country like the Chrysler Carlisle Nationals to showcase their vehicles for the enjoyment of enthusiasts. These cars would not be competitive in a regular show field due to their factory imperfections,/error’s, so in order to keep the tradition of original cars going, the Mopar Survivors, including Mel Major’s own 1970 ‘Cuda, all banded together and have been showing their cars for going on 26 years, quite an accomplishment considering this is an ongoing hobby of Mel’s and not a full-time gig.

    What makes for a Mopar Survivor? For cars to be eligible for inclusion, vehicles must be 85% original exterior paint, interior, and drivetrain. The purpose of Mopar Survivors is to get these cars out, enjoy them and display them for others to appreciate. They offer a great opportunity for folks that are restoring vehicles to come and see a Survivor to use as a “base “ reference for their Mopar build..

    It’s mind warping to wonder how these cars have survived in the present condition, yet survive they have. Mel goes to great lengths to put together a short story and bio of each vehicle and it’s owner(s) to share a short story on how each vehicle has survived in its present condition for all these decades.

    We look forward to welcoming Mel and the 8-10 Mopar Survivor owners and their vehicles to Bowling Green for the 3rd annual Holley MoParty. Mark your calendars and make sure to come out and enjoy them along with the rest of the planned activities this September 16-18th, 2022.

    The only question that remains is what and how many Mopar Survivors can you expect to see? Stay tuned to our MoParty Facebook and Instagram pages to get a sneak peek of the rides that Mel has curated for the event.

    Get your spectator tickets here.

    Register to participate with your Mopar here.

    Click here for a recent video of Mel and the Mopar Survivors from Carlisle!

  • MoParty 2021 Event Results Are In!

    MoParty 2021 Event Results Are In!

    The 2nd annual Holley MoParty might be in the rearview mirror, but we’re only getting started with the post-event content.

    Moparty 2021 was an absolute blast. The only requirements were having the right ingredients: more event participants, more swap meeters, more spectators, and don’t forget to add in more mullets! Holley thanks everyone for their attendance and participation in the fun.

    We’ve been painstakingly reviewing all of our event content and are happy to release the event results on Holley’s Motorlife.com! Click over to the site and give the article a read. More Moparty content can be expected in the coming days! If you have questions about this event or suggestions about future Holley Mopartys, please feel free to drop us a line at moparty@holley.com.


  • Inaugural MoParty Event Results & Coverage

    Inaugural MoParty Event Results & Coverage

    The inaugural Holley MoParty just came to an end and it was a tremendous success. Thanks to all the participants and spectators that came out and took a chance on a first year event, especially during such a unique time.  While MoParty is now behind us, we’ve been busy posting all of the event coverage and results you’ve been waiting for. Click over to Holley’s Motor Life blog to keep up to date on how each of our event segments turned out. We’ll be posting updated information to the same link as more results and coverage is published.

  • Dodge//SRT and Mopar Unveil 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Equipped with Holley EFI and Racepak Products

    Dodge//SRT and Mopar Unveil 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak Equipped with Holley EFI and Racepak Products

    [Bowling Green, Kentucky September 3rd, 2020]: Holley is excited to announce its involvement in the 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak program and its ongoing support of NHRA Sportsman racers and classes.

    “We’ve been fortunate to work with Mopar and Dodge//SRT for several years in the Drag Pak program,” said Robin Lawrence, Holley Director of Motorsports. “With successful championships from Geoff Turk and Leah Pruett, we’ve had some very impressive results come from our relationship, and as a continuation of that racing success Holley EFI was the natural choice for the 2021 Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak.”

    With Holley’s overall record of race-winning performance, and a decades-long relationship with performance teams and vehicles from FCA, Holley EFI and Racepak were the right tools for the job when building the quickest, fastest, and most powerful Challenger Drag Pak ever produced.

    The following Holley products will be factory equipped on each of the 50, limited-production, Dodge Challenger Mopar Drag Pak vehicles:

    • Holley EFI Dominator ECU
    • Holley EFI 7” Digital Dash
    • Racepak Smartwire Power Control Module

    Customers can head to dodgegarage.com/drag-pak to find complete vehicle configuration and ordering information.

  • First Factory Built Dodge Charger 500 Slated to Attend MoParty

    First Factory Built Dodge Charger 500 Slated to Attend MoParty

    The inaugural Holley MoParty is set to be a blast, and the Holley gearheads are pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone has a great time! The name of the game here is Mopar fun folks, and if you’ve been following along with recent event updates, you already know that folks are bringing out some of the coolest Mopars to Beech Bend Raceway for this event.

    As any Mopar enthusiasts would likely know, the Dodge Daytona began life as a Charger 500, and 2020 just so happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Charger nameplate! That said, we’re excited to announce that the documented first Charger 500 ever produced in its original non-restored factory condition is headed to MoParty this September. To see both the K&K Daytona and this original Charger 500 in the same venue will be a really unique experience for fans of both cars.

    We look forward to MoParty fans being able to check this car out in person. For more information about the car, check out the article Al Rogers wrote for Hot Rod Magazine wrote on the car.

  • MoParty & ChallengerFest Team Up For One Huge Weekend!

    MoParty & ChallengerFest Team Up For One Huge Weekend!

    Attention all ChallengerFest attendees! Word on the street is that ChallengerFest will be up at Beech Bend Raceway for some drag racing Thursday, September 17th.  That same weekend Holley’s inaugural MoParty will be taking place. MoParty event staff has worked a deal with ChallengerFest and are pleased to offer a special discount on registration if you stay over and hang the rest of the weekend. It will be chock-full of drag racing, autocross, a burnout contest, a General Lee jump, Dodge Thrill Rides, show-n- shine, dyno challenge, swap meet, and much more! Register for Challenger Fest today and get your special discount MoParty registration link to attend both events!

  • Dodge Thrill Rides Coming to MoParty!

    Dodge Thrill Rides Coming to MoParty!

    One of the coolest things you can do with a Mopar is to put it through its paces on track, and who better to show MoParty showgoers how it’s done than the Dodge Thrill Rides team?

    Holley is pleased to announce that Dodge Thrill Rides will be in attendance at the inaugural MoParty to put on a show and provide exciting rides around the autocross track to attending Mopar enthusiasts. Once buckled up and the thumbs up is given, they can expect a full sensory overload of screaming tires, power-on oversteer, and howling superchargers as they shred it up around the Holley autocross course.

    They’ll have several of Motown’s baddest Mopars on hand Friday and Saturday of the event, producing involuntary grins and achieving only the best smiles per gallons.

    If the images in this release don’t do enough to show you what Dodge Thrill Rides are all about, check out the following link for a video of what to expect.

  • Road Course Opportunity Through Chin Track Days

    Road Course Opportunity Through Chin Track Days

    Listen up Mopar enthusiasts! If you’re headed to MoParty and looking for a full-on road course track day experience, here’s your chance. Chin Track Days will be at NCM Motorsports Park the same weekend as MoParty. Openings are still available for experienced solo-qualified drivers. Follow this link to Chin Track Days’ website for information on pricing and other pertinent information.

  • YouTuber Dylan McCool To Attend MoParty With Resurrected 1973 Dodge Challenger

    YouTuber Dylan McCool To Attend MoParty With Resurrected 1973 Dodge Challenger

    Dylan McCool is no stranger to Mopars. In fact, he’s grown up around them, and if you’ve watched any of his content on YouTube, that much is clear! His knowledge of Mopars is impressive, which is part of the enjoyment factor of watching the younger enthusiast work on rescuing and restoring vehicles that are decades older than himself on camera!

    Recently his time has centered around the 1973 Challenger you see pictured here. Yes, that Gen III Hemi on the left is going to find a home inside the car and Dylan has plans to have it ready to attend MoParty. We’re looking forward to seeing it in person and hearing it run, as it will be powered by our own Holley Terminator X EFI system and some other Holley brand items to boot!

    “I’m looking forward to sharing the car with everyone at the inaugural MoParty!” McCool commented. “From what I hear some of the best Mopars in the country will be present, making it the perfect place to bring out the ’73 Challenger Hemi swap project. See you in September!”

    So mark your calendars for MoParty and come see Dylan and his ride in person. In the meantime, check out his YouTube channel to get your fill of Mopar-related content. We’ve embedded a link to the first video of his Challenger rescue series below for convenience.

  • Larry Weiner & GSS Supercars to Attend MoParty!

    Larry Weiner & GSS Supercars to Attend MoParty!

    Good news keeps on happening for MoParty fans!

    We’re excited to announce that Larry Weiner, the project leader for GSS SUPERCARS, will be in attendance at the inaugural event. Larry has been creating award-winning show cars and race cars for over 40 years both as an enthusiast and as an industry professional. After a successful career in the textile maintenance industry in Chicago that spanned over 25 years, he decided to follow his dream, and in the early 1990’s he started what became Performance West Group, Inc. Since then, Larry has worked with many well-known automotive personalities, like Mr. Norm, who will also be in attendance, and popular nostalgic brands like Hust and Flowmaster!

    He and nine other GSS Supercars will be on hand at MoParty for you to feast your eyes upon, like John Skopos’ 2015 Hurst Heritage by GSS Challenger, and James Alaimo’s 2018 Hurst Heritage by GSS Chrysler 300H.

    Learn more about Larry’s history building performance Mopars on the GSS Supercars website! We’ll see you in September!