MoParty wouldn’t be the same without a car show to show off all those psychedelic Mopar colors! If you’ve spent countless hours wrenching on your Mopar, doing paint & body, polishing, and waxing to make it perfect, we’d love to see it make an appearance at our inaugural event! Our Show-N-Shine will be a fun, relaxed way to show off your beautiful ride.

While our judges are experienced and will be looking for great cars, the Holley MoParty Show-N-Shine will be relaxing and stress-free. Also, the Holley crew will also be onsite choosing their favorites. We want to see what you’re building! See below for class descriptions!

Any clubs that bring five or more cars and want to give out an award we would love to see it happen! Just bring a trophy and let us know who you pick!

• A Body – Any A body cars built between 1963 & 1976.
• B Body – Any B body cars built between 1962 & 1978.
• E Body – Any E body cars built between 1970 & 1974.
• LX – Any late model cars built after 2000.
• Stock – Open to any early Mopar body cars built before 1996. (Must have less than five bolt-on modifications.)
• Modified – Open to any early Mopar body cars built before 1996.
• Truck and SUV – Open to any truck, SUV, Ramcharger.
• FMJ Body – Open to any F,M, or J body vehicle built between 1976 & 1989
• AMC – Open to any AMC built between 1954 & 1988

Special awards to be determined and announced on-site including Odd Ball, Holley Pick, Kids Call, and Best of Show! Best of Show takes home a $500 check and a MoParty jacket!

All vehicles must be powered by a Mopar engine.

* Event organizers reserve the right to change classes up to event time and to determine the class that best fits your vehicle regardless of vehicle year to promote fair competition.

Overview of Show-N-Shine

• All registrants will be parked and judged at the Show-N-Shine corral in a first-come, first-served system.
• Once a registrant is parked they will fill out an information card to be placed on their dash. This card is given to you at registration.
• If this card is not displayed the car will not be judged.
• If a vehicle is placed in the wrong class the judges will correct this information at the time of judging.
• A large classification reference sheet is located at the judge’s table.
• A group of three judges will score each vehicle on four different criteria, each being worth 25 points for a possibility of 100 points.• Once a vehicle is judged a small sticker will be placed on the headlight.
• After a vehicle is judged they no longer need to stay parked in the Show-N-Shine corral.
• You do not need to be present at the time of judging.
• If you would like to be present at the time of judging please inform the officials so a timeframe can be established on when they will be at your vehicle.